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Ramsey-Farrell Family

This baby website is very much under development. I have a great deal of information that isn't reflected yet in the electronic file used to produce the website, so if you have an interest in one of the ancestral lines shown here, you might want to check back periodically for updates. I also have photos for the first five generations, which I will place here as time allows. I'm still scanning them and experimenting with how best to present them.

At present, the website focuses mostly on ancestral lines, rather than on lines of descent from those ancestors. I will gradually expand the descendant coverage as time and energy allow.

Early 2006: I've been working mainly on the Keahey, Clasen, and McClain lines so far this year, with just a smattering of work on other lines. However, I've also gone through my database, and enabled export (to the website) of a lot of folks that weren't being exported before, so you may find relatives here in your own lines that weren't previously visible.

A Few Special Pages
Index of Direct-Line Ancestors
Genealogy, properly done, should be about much more than the collecting of names, dates, and places. The real fun, and the real value, in doing such work lies in an increased understanding of our ancestors' history. There is much wisdom to be gained from an understanding of how we became who we are, and much satisfaction to be had from coming to know those who went before us. I believe that if this website is to be of value, especially to our relatives, a considerable effort should be expended in this direction. Most of the following special pages are not ready yet, but keep watching if these subjects interest you.:

The Balza Families
Belgian Mass Emigration to Northeast Wisconsin (TBS)
Gambling on Oil -- Some Are Winners, Some Are Not (TBS)
Good Days in the Life of a Genealogist (TBS)
Our Ancestors and Slavery (TBS)
Our Ancestors in the American Civil War (TBS)
Our Ancestors in the American Revolutionary War (TBS)
Our Ancestors in the Indian Territory (TBS)
The Philadelphus Presbyterian Church and Wayne Co., Mississippi (TBS)
Scottish Mass Emigration to North Carolina (TBS)
Westward Emigration to the Dakota Territory (TBS)
Westward Emigration to Mississippi/Alabama/Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma (TBS)


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