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There’s Good News, and Bad News, and…

Well, the best news is that nobody was hurt when (this is the worst news) my trusty Acura TL bit the dust:

I was off in Scotland last September and called home to learn that I didn’t have a car any more. My son Devin had borrowed the car (with permission) when his car was blocked in by a tree surgeon, and he had a close encounter with a Comcast van. Judging from the appearance of my Acura, I’d say the Comcast van won.

I moped around a bit, frustrated at my likely choices. I really liked the Acura TL as a daily driver, but don’t like the new model nearly as well as I like the model I had. But I also don’t much like buying used cars. Somewhere amongst my moping, two family members came to my aid. First, my wife Alice was kind enough to say that with me retiring soon, we might be able to get by with my having a smaller car. Then Devin suggested that I take a look at the new Honda S2000 CR. My first reaction was, “Yeah, right!”. My second reaction, however, was “Where do I sign”?

I did, in fact, wind up buying this most wonderful of all second-childhood cars, and I love it. I got a yellow one (actually had to have it shipped in, as there wasn’t one available in Colorado at the time), and here it is:

I’ve actually had the car since October, waiting for an autocross to try it out. All our winter events were snowed out until Feb 10, when I finally had a chance to drive the car for real. Wow! I haven’t had a car that sticks to the road like this since I was 40 years younger and racing a Formula Vee. The Vee, of course, stuck to the road because it weighed 825 pounds. This one sticks to the road because it’s an engineering marvel. (I could be biased. )

Here’s a video of a run from three months later, in May, just to give you an idea what it’s like.


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