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An Apology, if One Is Needed

Several times over the last few years, I’ve thought of starting a personal blog. Up to now, I’ve always decided against it, feeling that I didn’t really have anything to say, though that doesn’t seem to have stopped anyone else. ;-)

It turns out, though, that I really do have things to say. I just don’t have a continuing stream of riveting commentary on the events of the day. This is partly because I’m a jack of all trades, with such a variety of interests that few if any people would want to read about them all. For example, I’d like to post things about specialty coffee and about autocross racing. And I would certainly like to do posts in Scottish Gaelic. Just this short list of personal interests is likely shared by approximately zero other folks. And I’m interested in genealogy, Celtic singling, martial arts, single-malt scotch, and progressive U.S. politics. Not to mention the possible use of a personal blog to post information that might be of interest specifically to my extended family and close friends.

So what I’ve decided to do is to create a blog which will have occasional postings in my various interest areas, and will provide categories and category-based RSS (and podcast) feeds for anyone foolish enough to want to come back for more.

I absolutely don’t promise a steady stream of material — my postings in any given category will likely be relatively infrequent. But I’ll try not to post anything unless I think I have something worth saying, and I’ll try to apply the category coding so you won’t even see postings unless they’re on some topic in which you’ve indicated an interest.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to comment, and maybe I’ll see you here again. :-)


Posted 16 years, 12 months ago at 5:26 pm.