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An Apology, if One Is Needed

Several times over the last few years, I’ve thought of starting a personal blog. Up to now, I’ve always decided against it, feeling that I didn’t really have anything to say, though that doesn’t seem to have stopped anyone else. ;-)

It turns out, though, that I really do have things to say. I just don’t have a continuing stream of riveting commentary on the events of the day. This is partly because I’m a jack of all trades, with such a variety of interests that few if any people would want to read about them all. For example, I’d like to post things about specialty coffee and about autocross racing. And I would certainly like to do posts in Scottish Gaelic. Just this short list of personal interests is likely shared by approximately zero other folks. And I’m interested in genealogy, Celtic singling, martial arts, single-malt scotch, and progressive U.S. politics. Not to mention the possible use of a personal blog to post information that might be of interest specifically to my extended family and close friends.

So what I’ve decided to do is to create a blog which will have occasional postings in my various interest areas, and will provide categories and category-based RSS (and podcast) feeds for anyone foolish enough to want to come back for more.

I absolutely don’t promise a steady stream of material — my postings in any given category will likely be relatively infrequent. But I’ll try not to post anything unless I think I have something worth saying, and I’ll try to apply the category coding so you won’t even see postings unless they’re on some topic in which you’ve indicated an interest.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to comment, and maybe I’ll see you here again. :-)


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  1. Terry Oct 5th 2007

    Hi Rudy:

    No apology needed. I like your blog :)

    I’m the Terry who contacted you via my work email about some info on your geneology stuff. I came and found more about you on your blog, including the answer to my email question, “What field?”. Cool. Any plans to play in psychology after retirement? I always thought it would be interesting to do past life regression hypnosis and see what REALLY happens (i.e. Are the books telling tall tales?)

    I saw somewhere around here that you also like running. I’ve been running at least since I was in first grade (lots of fun on the playground) and started doing middle distance (6-milers) when I was 25. Just about a year ago (age 46), I finally started thinking seriously about going longer than 6 miles when my niece wanted us to do a half marathon together. I’ve had a bad calf muscle strain since that decision so my longest run to date is 9 miles; I cheered her on through the Half we were going to do together. I also do exercise videos (circuit training, gym style, yoga, pilates, core work, kickbox, step, blah blah blah) and am currently doing a round of P90X in case you’ve heard of that. There are some martial arts folks posting on the P90X forum at but so far none of them have thought that P90X adds anything to the fitness level they already get from their practice. Cool on the martial arts by the way, and WAY COOL your youngest is doing it with you.

    My three step-sons are grown; my son is 15 and driving me crazy with his idea that he is very wise. :)

    Great vacations pics too.

    Have a FABULOUS retirement.


  2. admin Oct 9th 2007

    Thanks, Terry. I appreciate the encouragement. :)

    We’ve been through that age 15 thing three times, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. :)

    I have a tip you might find useful with a calf tear, but you need to be careful if you use it. I have a long history of minor calf tears, and I’ve always been able to run races and do workouts after these injuries as long as I stretch well and use Ben-Gay on my calf. Now our son, Chris, who is a particularly capable physical therapist, has warned me about this, saying the principal effect is to suppress the pain, rather than to actually warm or relax the muscle. And that means it would probably be dangerous with a worse calf tear than I’ve had. But I’m passing it on for your consideration. I was really amazed at how much help Ben-Gay was with my calf tears in particular. It has always allowed me to continue my workouts and races in spite of frequent minor tears.


  3. Time for an update, no?

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