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About Rudy Ramsey’s Rants and Ravings

This is the personal blog of Rudy Ramsey, of Parker, Colorado (USA).

Rudy is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, and you’ll see that reflected in the blog. Rudy holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and recently retired from a career as an ergonomist and software developer. He’s an avid geocacher, races a sports car, is a fluent learner of Scottish Gaelic, holds a third-degree black belt in taekwon-do, studies and lectures on genealogy, and is a competitive and performing Celtic singer (2005 & 2007 U.S. champion in Scottish Gaelic singing). He’s also crazy about specialty coffee (he roasts his own) and single-malt scotch.

Rudy lives with his lovely wife, Alice, and their youngest son Devin. Alice and Rudy have two other sons, Ian and Chris, who live with their families in Littleton, Colorado and Portland, Oregon, respectively.

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