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Carlos Joins the Ramsey Racers

Carlos with Kart
Around September, I bought a go-kart for our grandson, Carlos, so he could join Devin and me in autocross racing. He hasn’t had very many opportunities to drive it yet, since he started just at the end of our regular summer series, but he’s having a good time. And we’re very much enjoying having him there. Ian (his dad and my son) has been helping us prepare the kart and get it to the events, and the whole family (Ian, Susan, Siggy, and Carlos) come occasionally.
Here’s what Carlos looks like without the helmet:
He’ll be racing in the Formula Junior B class. There aren’t a lot of competitors, but it’s a great way for kids to have a chance to race in a very safe and supportive environment.
One thing I really like about our local SCCA events is their extreme safety consciousness. Whenever the juniors are moving, all other cars are stopped, and remain stopped until the juniors are back in their own grid area. And the stewards who run this youth program (both fathers of girls who race in the Formula Junior classes) are great with the kids.
Here’s Carlos with part of his pit crew (Siggy):
Carlos and Siggy with Kart

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