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Hatchling Goes Dancing

In June 2007, my company (Z-Axis Corporation) had a podcast contest for its employees. We’ve been using podcasting in our corporate marketing and internal training activities for awhile, and this exercise was intended to encourage folks at Z-Axis to learn more about the technology. I decided to take the opportunity to do a brief video about our race car (“Hatchling”) and the Solo2 autocross racing that I do with our son, Devin.

Devin was actually the reason I got back into autocross racing after a gap of nearly 40 years. I raced a Formcar Formula Vee in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) competition in the 1960s, and did a lot of autocross racing and rallying as well (both Alice and I won Midwest Division SCCA championships in the 60s, Alice in the women’s class and me overall). Well, around 2005, Devin’s interest in cars (especially Japanese sports cars), racing, and tuning was getting him involved with a street-racing crowd. Not a good thing, in my opinon (and in Devin’s retrospective opinion, as well). I decided that SCCA was a much more positive outlet for this energy, and took him to a local SCCA autocross. He was instantly completely at home, and we decided to build a race car together (a 1989 Honda Civic Si Hatchback). We chose this car because it tends to be the fastest car in the most competitive affordable class (Street Touring – Stock). We’ve been having a great time. This video shows what we’re doing.

I should mention that there’s a bit of suggestive language in this video, as I spiced it up slightly for the contest. It didn’t win, but I think folks enjoyed it. I hope you will, too. :-)

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